What is the deal?
Spend $200+ on our website and Matt & Rebecca will send you a personalized video.

How do I activate the deal?
There is no special activation needed – simply spend $200+ and we will reach out to you via email and ask you a few questions about what you'd like included in your custom video.

When will you reach out?
We will reach out the week following Cyber Weekend via email. At that point, you will have 7 days to reply to the email with what you'd like in the video. Please be sure to provide your email address at checkout.

When will I receive my video?
The videos are custom – Rebecca and Matt will take the time to give personal attention to each video – please bear with us. We are anticipating a very high demand and will make best efforts to accomodate every video as quickly as humanly possible.

Do shipping costs count as part of the $200+ total?

Will Matt and Rebecca say anything?
Please be reasonable with requests.
Acceptable requests include:

- Shoutouts to yourself
- Shoutouts to a friend
- A birthday message
Unacceptable requests include:

- Promoting a person or product for commercial purposes
- Something mean or unkind

We reserve the right to reject any request if the request is deemed unreasonable for any reason, at our sole discretion.

What if you get a million orders?
We are anticipating a very high demand and may have to shutdown the sale early if volume becomes unreasonable for Rebecca and Matt – so be sure to get your orders in quickly! 

Offer ends 12/3/19 or sooner if Rebecca and Matt are unable to handle the volume of orders.